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The motorcycle helmet is undeniably the most important piece of protective equipment and is the only protective equipment that you are required by law to wear. Your noggin is pretty precious and easy to damage in the event of an accident. The helmets sole purpose is to protect your melon should the worst happen.

Nowadays there’s a selection of lids made from different composite materials and new tech that have brought the crash helmet on loads in recent years. From thermoplastic to carbon fibre outer construction and differing shell sizes to provide brilliant protection.

Here at Bridge Motorcycles, we stock a massive range of helmets from a large list of leading manufacturers to ensure that we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for.

The only way to make a helmet truly effective is if it fits your head properly and there’s no way of being absolutely certain that a particular size in one brand of helmet will necessarily fit without trying it before-hand.

Our showroom boasts a wealth of experienced staff on hand to help you with whatever your needs to make sure that you’re adequately protected. Come pay us a visit to see what we can do for you.

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Helmets at Bridge Motorcycles

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