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Dainese D-Air at Bridge Motorcycles

Dainese D-air Misano Jacket

The D-air technology is revolutionary in the world of motorcycling. It utilises the very same tech and features that some chap called Valentino benefits from, meaning that it’s been proven at the very pinnacle of motorcycle racing.

Now, airbag suits and jackets aren’t an entirely new revelation. However, the tech involved in them has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and has proven to be the most effective way of protecting the body in the event of an accident. In fact, it’s so successful that it’s become a compulsory requirement of MotoGP riders.

You can find out more on the suit here and, be sure to pop down to the Bridge showroom where you’ll find the D-air equipped jacket in our clothing and accessories department with our friendly and knowledgeable team on hand to answer any of your questions.

Dainese Misano D-air jacket
Dainese Rapida72 Jacket

Dainese Rapida72 Jacket £499.96

Timeless, classic looks and made from soft Sol cowhide. The Rapida jacket has Dainese’s Pro-Armour in the shoulder and elbows and features a subtle hint at the Italian firm’s rich racing heritage with a graphic in the lining that features 12 of the iconic race suits.

Richa Infinity 2 Jacket

Richa Infinity 2 Jacket £239.99

The Richa Infinity has been a staple part of Richa’s line up for years now. The new Infinity 2 builds and improves on what was already a great jacket. It is a genuine four-season jacket that will comfortably see you through from the height of summer to the gruelling winter months thanks to its removable thermal and 8000mm waterproof layers. On those seemingly rare occasions when the mercury rises, there’s also an effective venting system that helps to regulate your temperature. Added peace of mind also comes in the form of comfortable but effective D3O armour at the shoulders, elbows and back.

HJC RPHA 70 Helmet

HJC RPHA 70 Helmet £359.99

A distinctive helmet that will look at home on anything, be it a sportsbike, retro or even just for commuting. The RPHA has a good reputation for being a great all-round lid that comes at a great price and comes with plenty of useful features. It has an easy to use multi-vent system, drop-down sun visor, Pinlock insert and multiple shell sizes for optimum fit. It’s also got a washable lining and is easy and comfortable to wear with specs for all you four-eyed fiends.

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