Motorcycle Rider Training

Bridge Motorcycles Exeter is pleased to be able to offer Motorcycle Training in Exeter. From CBT Training to DAS, trust Bridge Motorcycles Exeter to get you on 2 wheels.

Motorcycle Courses Available - Compulsory Basic Training - CBT

Compulsory Basic Training is your first step into motorcycling. It is aimed at 16yrs+. Generally the CBT needs to be completed by everyone before you can progress to the next stage of training.
BSW  will teach you slow control of your bike and give you experience of riding on the road, amongst the traffic.
The CBT is usually a 1 day course and after successful completion you can ride a 50cc (at 16 yrs) or a 125cc (at 17 yrs +) on the road with the use of L plates. CBT valid for 2 years. 

Progressive Access - A1 A2

Students over 17yrs can test on a 125cc to attain the A1 licence thereby negating the need for L-Plates. From 19yrs, courses are conducted on a 500cc motorcycle and improves your confidence and riding skills. After your test you will be able to ride any machine, restricted to 47.7bhp for 2 years, after which time you can do the A licence test on a 600cc machine or continue on a restricted bike. For all tests a valid motorcycle theory test must be passed. You will also need a valid CBT certificate.

Direct Access - DAS

Aimed at students over 24yrs. This course will be conducted on a 600cc motorcycle and will entitle you to ride any size machine after you pass your test. 

All our courses will be tailored to meet individual needs and abilities.

Please check our website for more details  www.BSWtraining.co.uk or call 01392 216 021.