Honda RC213V-S

There is no question that the RC213V-S is an epic machine. Just by looking at it, you can see the time and attention to detail that went into it, from the way the carbon fiber rear hugger follows the swing arm to meet at a graceful point at the end to the television-quality liquid crystal display. When looking at the graceful lines and sleek body work, you almost forget about the extreme power and performance the RC213V-S is capable of. It is the MotoGP bike for the road and allows for the opportunity of having a complete different experience.

Honda is known by its iconic names: Fireblade, Blackbird and Africa Twin to name a few. The RC213V-S can be a mouthful, so where did the name come from? Interestingly, the RC is “Race Company”, 213 is split into two parts - 21 regards to the Twenty First century and the 3 is due to the fact it is the Third bike in Honda’s HRC series. The V is from the immense power plant that is the V4 and the S is derived from Sport. So now that we know how it got its name, it is time to start saying it correctly. The staff at Bridge have all been calling the “RC Two One Three V S” but as the 21 stands for Twenty First, it should really be called the “RC Twenty One Three V S”.

The ‘standard’ European RC213V-S puts out on average 160 horsepower and retails at €188,000 but here at Bridge, we don’t do ‘standard’. We always aim to go above and beyond. Thus, this is why we have the race pack fitted, which means that 160 horsepower becomes more like an amazing 215 horsepower. So what else does the race pack give you? For the extra €12,000, you get: race exhaust, ECU upgrade, race spec front brake pads, improved air intake and a few more carbon fiber parts to boot. These are well worth extras. Now I can hear some of you ask “why would you pay for a MotoGP bike for the road and then make it a track only machine?”. Unlike other sport packs, when you purchase the RC213V-S with the race pack you will also be provided with the full street legal kit.

The expected production run of the RC213V-S is around 250, which means you are not going to see many of these bikes on the road. All the bikes have a serial number on the headstock. There are a few serial numbers that have already been taken: 26, 27 and 93. Although, if we were to hazard a guess at the owners of these bikes, it would have to be Pedrosa (#26), Stoner (#27) and Marquez (#93).The Bridge bike is number 30.

Upon its release, the current factory Honda MotoGP team had this to say about the bike:

Marquez (#93):

“A position of riding and operating method is very similar to a GP bike. When taking a curve, it leans the same as GP bike. It gives most similar feeling when riding the bike and elbow is about to scrape on the ground. It is very similar”

The other two main riders in the Honda camp Pedrosa (#26) and Stoner (#27) have given the RC213V-S glowing reviews on how well it rides and preforms. The RC213V-S is really the closet people will get to a Factory MotoGP bike without being on the grid with Marquez and Pedrosa. 


Engine Capacity 1,000cc
Engine Type 90° V4
Engine Output
Engine Output
(Sports Kit)
Frame Aluminium
Colour Variants Tri-colour
Tyres Bridgestone Battleaxe RS10
Front: 120/70
Rear: 190/55
Breaks Brembo
Suspension Ohlins