Tue, 04 Jun 2019

Bell MX-9 Review

The Bell MX-9 Adventure helmet has quickly cemented itself as a favourite among adventure riders. With cues from both road and motocross helmet design and technology, and with a modest price point that starts at just £189.99, the MX-9 is reasonably priced and can be considered a true dual sport helmet.

Out on the road, my first imprecisions were drawn towards the field of vision, which is superb!

You can feel the influence of the off-road design with this helmet, especially with the ventilation; the MX-9 has great air flow. This is great during the summer months however; if you are looking for a true all year round helmet you might find it a bit cold when riding at speed during winter. The overall quality feels good and is fastened with a double D-ring.

There are a great range of visors for the MX-9 as well; from clear to heavy tints, and including a high contrast visors that can be used to enhance definition during dull weather. The two that I tested were the heavy smoke tint and the clear. The heavy smoked tint is very dark and is very useful in bright conditions. The clear is as you would expect! And, although these visors don’t come fitted with a pin-lock system I found that I got little to no fogging in cold conditions.

The MX-9 is a truly versatile helmet and, although it’s primarily targeted at the adventure market, it also makes a great looking street helmet. I have used the MX-9 predominantly on a Honda Fireblade, meaning riding with the peak on created a large amount of drag, thus I removed it. However, Bell have considered this and also provide blanking plates and cap covers so that the peak can be removed. And, in my opinion, this makes for a truly awesome looking helmet.

Bell MX-9 Review

It can be a little noisy, but not uncomfortably so. It’s comparable to my other helmet; AGV’s GP Tech. That said though; riding with a decent set of ear plugs pretty much cancels out most of the noise any way.

The MX-9 Adventure is constructed from a polycarbonate outer shell and is equipped with MIPS technology (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), which means the MX-9 offers greater protection from rotational forces in the event of an accident.

Overall I’ve been really impressed with the Bell MX-9 Adventure and, even considering the lower pricing point, this helmet ticks all the boxes for me and I look forward to riding with it for years to come!

Bell MX-9 Review