Wed, 23 May 2018

It’s not about his winning personality…

Our Service Technician, Scott Carson had a pretty good weekend at Snetterton last weekend, filling the air of Norfolk with the wonderful whiff of 2-stroke fumes, and cleaning up with no less than 4 class wins in the Bemsee Yamaha Past Masters championship aboard his TZR250.

Making a promising start to his assault on the Newcomer’s championship with the club, Scott is currently sitting second in the standings after three meetings – even after being forced to miss the previous round at Cadwell Park.

Scott Carson and his Yamaha TZR250

His initial aim for the season was to take a top 10 position in the main races, something that he achieved easily at Snetterton, despite having never ridden there before. The goalposts have moved now, and he’s aiming to break into the top 6.

“I’ve been going quicker and quicker on the bike each time I’ve been out on circuit, so the aim is to build on that throughout the course of the season. Realistically, I don’t know if I can win the championship this year as I’m still learning, but who knows? Next year it’s definitely in my sight.

“Realistically, without my friends and family, and of course Bridge, I wouldn’t be able to do it. You need help everywhere and anywhere you can get it when it comes to racing.”

The bike has seen a full nut and bolt restoration over the past year to get it where it is now, including being sent off to have the engine tuned. The 250 was a complete wreck when Scott picked it up and needed a lot of love to get it back to a fully working machine. Thankfully, his knowledge as a technician played into his hands and he rebuilt the bike from the ground-up to produce this stunning little beast that he’s now charging around on.

Scott Carson and his Yamaha TZR250

“I’ve restored the whole thing” he recalled. “It was a state when I got it, petrol was leaking out of the tank, going through the frame, through the crankcase and then back out through bottom of the crankcase. It’s had 4 sets of wheels, because I needed wets too, and also had a full set of bearings throughout. I’ve also had the frame blasted and powder coated, and rebuilt the front suspension too.

“Everything’s been done, because it was just so mullered before. I’m sure it’ll need more again soon if I crash it, but I’ve got loads of rivets and cable ties to patch it back together again though.

“There are 8 rounds in total throughout the year, I’ve raced two and missed one so far. I’m looking forward to Doninngton, which where I’m racing next. I love it around there. After that, it’s Brands GP, I can’t remember the rest! It’s a really good group of lads at Bemsee too; they’ve welcomed me with open arms.

“I want to go out and just do the best I can do really, but most of all I just want to ride. I can’t wait for the rest of the races!”

Scott’s TZR will be on display at the Bridge showroom on the next bike night, which will be Thursday 31 May, and his next race will be at Donnington Park on 16-17 June. You can find out more about Bemsee, and more information on the remaining race this year on the club’s website.