Mon, 18 Jun 2018

It’s Ride to Work week, here’s why it matters…

Saving time, saving money and saving the environment, three reasons why replacing your car on the daily commute with a motorcycle or scooter just makes sense…

Motorcycles are the best way to get around, fact! It goes without saying that you’re probably all too aware of this already considering you’re reading this article in the first place. One thing you may not be aware of however is that today marks the beginning of the national Ride to Work week.

Running until June 24, the week aims to incentivise riders to use their bikes more everyday instead of other means of transport

Kawasaki Ninja 650

The benefits of commuting by motorcycle are known to many, and the Ride to Work incentive aims to help promote the benefits that can be had by riding your motorcycle to your workplace instead of using your car or public transport.

And, they’re not just blowing hot air around with ludicrously good figures about how it can make everything better either. The MCIA have backed up their claims with some solid research and evidence too, that demonstrate why riding a motorcycle is not only better for you; but can also be hugely beneficial for the environment and the economy too.

With motorcycles providing one of the most affordable and cost-effective ways to travel, commuting can not only save you hours upon hours of time that would otherwise be wasted sat in traffic, but is also friendly to your bank account by being far more economical to run too.

In fact, with the most economical scooters like Suzuki’s 110 Address, you can reach in excess of 134mpg! Meaning that in the cases of even the most economical cars that boast figures of 60-70mpg, the travelling you do will still cost half of what it would otherwise.

Commuting by bike also saves tonnes of time too. On average, the everyday car user would save 32 hours each year, which equates to about 4 working days. That’s nearly an extra week you would get to spend on your time and not your bosses!

Parking in cities is always notoriously difficult and expensive too. Motorcycles and scooters are often able to park for free in many areas and, because they take up far less space than a car, can often park closer to your place of work.

The best part though is that recent studies have found that if just 10% of car drivers moved towards commuting by motorcycle, then congestion in the busiest cities would be reduced by a massive 40%, and that if 25% of car drivers moved to motorcycles then congestion would be eliminated altogether!

Why not get involved this week and swap four wheels for two, you never know, you might just continue doing it afterwards…

Kawasaki Ninja 650