Fri, 14 Aug 2020

Ladies Bull-it Jeans Review

Part of my job in our clothing and accessories department is to make sure the products we are selling to our customers, not only have high quality safety levels at good prices, but they are also practical and comfortable on a bike. This season I have been trying out a few styles in the Bull it one-skin Tactical range.

Firstly for a one-skin denim you cannot even argue on the price, at £139.99 for a fully protective jean, with knee and hip armour included it is no wonder they are already such a hit with our customers, even before you discuss comfort, fit and style. They are also treated to make them water repellent in case you did get caught out in the rain. Personally I stick to when the sun is out, but as we know with the British weather we cannot always rely on it staying out for long. 

Bull-it Jeans img1

Female sizing in riding gear is still a very difficult topic, and we are always trying to make sure we can give our female riders a range of options that actually fit well and look good, as obviously that’s important too. The sizing was actually true to what I would expect in normal jeans, even with the knee and hip armour in. This is really good as usually I find in a lot of riding brands I have to go up at least one or two sizes to get anything that fits, but then they end up being long in the leg or baggy on the waist. As women we don’t want to be told we are suddenly a size 14 instead of a size 10. They are also available in a short, regular and long length which is especially great for me when I can hardly touch the floor on any bike anyway. I still do recommend to customers wearing a belt with them though as they are high wasted it helps stop any gaps when you lean forward on the bike.

Because the Covec protection is woven all the way through the denim, not only does it make them protective all the way through it also makes them quite stretchy. This makes them a lot more comfortable, and I found they had plenty of give when jumping on and off the bike. It is also a really good idea that they come in a range of different cuts and colour. I prefer the skinny cut as I have a high sport style boot so I tuck them inside these, but with the straight leg they are perfect if you want to wear them over a casual style boot, and with the variety you can match the colours of denim in with the rest of your kit really easily.

Over all I am really enjoying being able to wear a fully protective trouser on the bike, that look and feel like a normal jean, and it is nice having a better fitting more comfortable jean for our customers.

Bull-it Jeans img2