Tue, 09 Oct 2018

Past Masters promise…

Our Service Technician, Scott Carson, has been enjoying a raft of successes in the Bemsee Yamaha Past Masters championship recently, taking the lead in the rookie championship with just one race of the season remaining.

Following on from a successful meeting at Donnington where we picked up with him last, he’s since gone on to come away with a raft of wins that have now let him sit in the lead of the championship where a strong result at the last meeting will see him take it home.

The meeting following Donnington was held at Brands Hatch, on the iconic GP circuit layout. It’s a particular favourite of Scotts too, being his home circuit. He managed to get a couple of really strong results there too, before crashing out on Paddock Hill in the third race.

The meeting after saw him returning to Snetterton where he dually won all four of his rookie class races, strengthening his lead on his championship efforts. It was the same weekend as the ill-fated Silverstone MotoGP.

“Snetterton was brilliant, on the Saturday we were given 5 minutes to change tyres with changing conditions, only me and a few others had slicks on and we were thinking that it might have been the wrong choice at first. The outlap was nuts – the bike was going all over the place and then when it all kicked off, the bike was scary, but it all just started coming to me as the track started to dry out.

“I looked over at my old man on the pit wall, and he went from telling me to calm it down a bit, to all of a sudden telling me to get on it when he realised I was leading the race and the track started to come to me.

“I ended up getting hunted down by a couple of the older boys in the class, and just got pipped to the line by one of the guys riding a TZ350, but walked away with a third place at the end of the race.

“The Sunday was like riding in a monsoon, it was nuts. There were puddles everywhere; I ended up coming away with another third in that race too though so it all came good in the end.”

A little down-time between races saw Scott heading off to Donnington again, this time racing on a TZ350 for 42 Racing.

“The 350 was something a bit different for me, I raced it for 42 Racing at the Donnington Classic endurance. It was a 1981 TZ that was freshly built for the Classic too, so it was really good to run it in for the team.”

Back in Bemsee, the next Yamaha Past Masters round saw the strokers lining up at Pembrey in Wales for the penultimate round of the championship. It was Mr Carson’s first time riding the circuit too, which could have meant for a challenging weekend, but thankfully he gelled with the track pretty quickly.

“I went there on the Friday just wanting to get out and learn the track because I’d not ridden there before. I ended up clicking with it really well though and came away with another four rookie wins over the course of the weekend.

“The Friday and Saturday were both dry, Sunday was pretty nuts though. It absolutely pissed it down! It was absolutely hilarious getting my knee down in the wet though, it felt so weird! I really liked it there though, it’s a good circuit!”

The season will finish up next weekend at Brands Indy again for the third time this season, and Scott is hopeful for a few decent results.

“I just need to carry on doing what I’m doing heading into Brands, if I finish well in the races then I’ll have the rookie championship!

“I’d love to wrap it up on the Saturday if I can, then I can just go for the win-it-or-bin-it attitude on the Sunday and mix it up with the big boys. I’m quick enough to challenge them, and Brands is my home circuit too, so I’ll have that advantage as well.”

Scott will be racing at Brands on 6-7 October. Check back to find out where he finishes in the rookie championship!