Fri, 27 Apr 2018

Small bikes, big spirit

Small capacity bike night proves a big success

Yesterday played host to our second bike night of the year, and went down very well indeed. This month the theme around the night was with lower capacity machines and while there was the strong showing of bikes as you’d expect to see, it was also really refreshing to have plenty of younger and newer riders getting involved too, promising a strong future for motorcycling.

The night brought with it a fantastic mix of bikes for all tastes, with everything from lovingly restored two-stroke and classic machinery, to the lean and immaculately presented sportsbikes.

We also brought our Honda School of Motorcycling instructor, Danny along too. He was on hand to answer any and all questions from newer riders looking to progress with their motorcycle licence, or those who might have been completely new to biking altogether. With Danny came a few of the bikes he teaches on too; a Honda CB500F for those wishing to complete their Direct Access or A2 licence course, a CB125F for those aged 17 or over who wish to complete a CBT or A1 licence and also a 50cc Honda Vision moped, which is accessible to those wishing for a super-economical form of transport or to those who are aged 16 or over.

Bridge bike night

The bike night wouldn’t have been complete without a bike of the night though. And with the small capacity theme, it would have been rude not to focus our attention on these pint-sized wonders as there were some absolutely fantastic machines that were polished and primed in anticipation.

Bike of the night

First place
Matthew Rowlings – Honda NSR125

Bridge bike night

This stunning NSR125 was a little late to the party and nearly missed out on being considered altogether. However, as it was being ridden in while we were judging the other bikes it stole all the limelight and became an instant winner, before Matt had even had a chance to park.

It’s a 2000 model that’s recently been restored, something that shows in the overall quality of the finish. And, despite having covered over 19k in its life, it’s immaculately presented. Let’s face it though, this is a stunning motorcycle, that brings with it the beautiful aroma that only comes from a two stroke, and let’s also not forget the soundtrack, which sings through an Athena exhaust system.

Just marvellous…

Second place
Rosemary Blaker – Suzuki GN125

Bridge bike night

Rosemary is pretty new to motorcycling, having completed her CBT a few months back, but that hasn’t stopped her enthusiasm or determination, as she has proven with this wonderfully restored Suzuki GN125.

You wouldn’t think that it’s covered half of the 17,778 miles the odometer is showing. With help from her dad (who was himself riding a stunning Sunbeam), this bike hasn’t seen the best of its days just yet and has a new lease of life with a passionate owner.

Despite all of this though, it’s not going to just sit idly by and be a machine to simply bimble around on. No, Rosemary was telling us of the state that she got the bike in leading up to the bike night taking it through local green lanes and how it took most of the previous day to get it in a clean state again.

Third place
Robert Cotgrove – Yamaha NS50 Aerox

Bridge bike night

There were plenty of bikes that were in the running for third place, but we felt compelled to choose Robert’s Aerox. Now, don’t be thinking that it’s just a moped, Robert has owned this NS50 since it left the crate in 2015 and, in the few years he’s owned it has racked up a mightily impressive 28,700 miles.

He uses it every single day to commute on and still even has the original front tyre and brake pads fitted! He attests the moped’s longevity and durability to regular servicing and maintenance, keeping it in top mechanical order. He even boasts how his previous Aerox covered an unbelievable 80,000 miles in the time he owned it.

Join us next month

Bridge bike night

The night was fantastic overall and proved that there’s a great future for motorcycles in the UK with plenty of hunger and enthusiasm from the up-and-coming generation, despite Euro4 and tougher licencing laws making it seemingly more difficult to find out where to start and make sense of all the myths and jargon that goes with motorcycle ownership.

The next event we will be attending will be the BMAD festival in a couple of weeks. Running from May 4-6, it promises to be a fantastic celebration of all things motorcycling, and we’ll be going along with a truckload of Triumphs to show off while we’re there. Towards the end of next month, on May 31 we’ll be hosting our next bike night, which will feature a classic theme, so make sure your  bike’s ready and polished and maybe you could be our next winner.

Bridge bike night