Tue, 12 Mar 2019

Tactically brilliant motorcycle jeans…

Bull-It have been upping the ante lately and have really been paying attention to the specific needs we have as riders. That’s why we’ve been pleased to have been trying out the new Tactical jeans from the British manufacturer, and at a £139.99 it’s a great value product that we’re very excited to bring to our customers.

The jean is a single layer protective garment that incorporates Covec fibres in the denim fabric. What this means in reality is that you have a garment that isn’t overly bulky, or too hot on those summer days. It also means that the jeans feel like a lot less like a bike jean and more like a regular product that feels comfortable off the bike too, ensuring you’re fully protected too as the lining goes through the whole product, and not just specific areas like the hide or knees that many other manufacturers at this price point.

Even more impressive is that Bull-It have included CE approved level 2 armour with the jeans in both the hip and knee areas. Combine this with the abrasion and cut-resistant fabric and you have a product that offers maximum protection to you as a rider.

Our Clothing and Accessories Manager, Darren has been trying them on for size to see just how well they shape up…

“These are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn on a bike; they’re made from a single lining which has abrasion-resistant Covec fabric woven into the denim. It’s hard to really tell that these are riding jeans at all when you wear them too.

“I’ve been using these jeans when I’ve borrowed the Super Soco electric bike from work for my 20-odd mile commute through January and February; admittedly, this was only when the weather was nicer though.

“I also like the fact that Bull-It have listened to customer feedback too and included CE-approved level 2 armour in the jeans as standard too. It’s not something that many other brands do, especially at the £139.99 price point that they come in at, and also means that the jeans offer exceptionally good value too.

“Speaking of the price point too; Bull-It has significantly lowered the entry point of a single-layered jean that’s fully lined to a level where none of the other competitors in the market can currently touch them. With most other jeans you’d be looking at only a partially lined Kevlar or Aramid fibre jean, with level-1 armour in the knees.

“Bull-It claims that the Tactical jeans are water-resistant, but I did get a bit wet when getting caught out one morning. In their defence though, I wouldn’t go out and expect these to be waterproof at all.

“They’re going to be perfect for those warmer summer days on the bike, or for those who want a more casual approach to riding.”