Wed, 27 Mar 2019

The best base layers going

When it comes to riding gear, we like to think we know a thing or two about exactly what makes a product great here at Bridge and endeavour to only stock the best items at the dealership. With this in mind, we’re excited to have recently discovered Surfanic Carbon base layers and honestly think that they’re quite possibly both the best quality and value of any similar product currently going.

We gave out a load of test products to our team members to get feedback beforehand, to make sure that they really were the real deal and it’s very safe to say that they didn’t disappoint at all!

Here’s what we thought of them…

Lou – Clothing and accessories

The Carbon material really does wick away any sweat and moisture. They really do keep you warm and are still thin enough to fit snugly under protective gear.

I wore the layers recently when I went to Bulgaria for a week skiing and they were brilliant. As you can imagine, it was really cold and as a base layer they served me perfectly – and fitted really well too! They were the perfect first layer and I wore them under a jumper and jacket.

When I was active they stayed really dry and helped keep the cold out. The wicking properties also helped keep me dry while I was more active too and saved me from getting too cold when I wasn’t skiing.

James – Marketing

I’ve used quite a few different base layers in my time riding and more often than not, find that they’re either too warm and make me sweat when it’s hot, or that they’re a bit naff in the colder months, the balance was never quite right for me, until now anyway.

The Surfanic layers are genuinely impressive, and look great too; they’ve actually become a staple part of my wardrobe now and I wear them every week – without fail! The material feels really soft against the skin and the fit isn’t too tight on me which means I can get away with wearing the top on its own too.

I don’t know what Surfanic have done, but the fabric is brilliant! Apparently, it has antibacterial and odour-eliminating properties that keep me from stinking like an old boot when I wear them for any longer than a day. More importantly, they also dry really quickly too; this has made them an invaluable asset when I’ve been away from home to see mates in Bristol or Cornwall and found myself without a spare top (this has happened on more occasions than it should have). I simply give the top a rinse in a bath or sink before bed in the evening and it’s always dry and ready to go for another day by the morning.

In the hotter months, the moisture wicking properties are in a league of their own. I used these through the exceptional summer we had here in the UK last year and never once found myself uncomfortable while wearing them – even under my leathers on the hottest days. It was at this point that the top became my garment of choice, especially for commuting every day. They help regulate my temperature really well and this means I can get off the bike and not feel hot and sticky.

It’s not just all about the hot weather though, they work exceptionally well in the winter too and help provide the first barrier against the bitter cold. Combining them with a decent thermal mid-layer, I’ve found that I can ride comfortably for a lot longer without having to bulk up with other gear, even in temperatures as low as 2 degrees Celsius!

I’m genuinely impressed with them, especially given the price. They really give the manufacturers of more expensive items a real reason to be worried!