Wed, 01 Apr 2020

The next generation of the Anthony family has started out their journey into the world of motorcycling. Lee’s son, Cam is learning the dark art of riding motocross.

Here at Bridge, motorcycling is in our blood. This is especially true of the Anthony family and it seems this is a tradition that is set to live on. Lee’s son, Cameron (Cam) is learning how to ride. Anyone who has learned to ride will know that this is one of the most exciting times; that rush you get when you get kitted up or the tingle you feel when the bike first turns over is truly magical!

Before motocross, Cam had another love and was very active playing football for his local team in Dawlish. However,“I knew I really wanted to give it a go when I started watching motocross on the TV”. So it looks like Cam has swapped Vardy & Salah for Cairoli & Herlings … and we can’t say we blame him!

Cam at Wheeldon - News 1

Cam is only 14 so he is not riding on the road (yet) but he has started to learn the dark art of motocross! Riding off-road is a great way to learn to ride as it teaches techniques in a relatively safe environment. Cam started riding off-road when he was just 12 by taking in a few laps at Wheeldon Farm on a Honda CRF110. This quickly progressed to an overall love of the sport from weekly meets up at Wheeldon Farm to traveling to London to watch the Arenacross.

The first bike that Cam could call his own did not come in exactly pristine condition, arriving more as a Meccano kit than an off-road machine. Cam’s KX 80 was booked in for a total overhaul and re-build at Bridge and, after what probably seemed years for Cam, his bike was ready to hit the track.

Cam can often be seen at Bridge at weekends washing off his current bike, a 2019 Kawasaki KX85. Cam is keeping up the old motocross tradition that if you get it dirty, you clean it! “Cleaning it is never as much fun as riding, but it needs to be done. The worst bit is to see the little bit that you missed and having to go back over it!” This is one of the great things about kids learning to ride off-road; it is not just about the riding, it is the up-keep and maintenance too.

Cam at Wheeldon - News 2

Learning to ride has definitely brought Lee and Cam closer, with trips up to some of the great off-road facilities that Devon has to offer, including Little Silver and Crediton Raceway. The topic of progression and improvement is always close at hand and both Cam’s speed and technique have come on leaps and bounds in recent months.

Cam has recently starting riding regularly at Wheeldon Farm where you can frequently see Arenacross stars Ben and Joe Clayton practicing. This in-door training facility is truly amazing and gives Cam the chance to ride all-year round. During this past winter, Cam has been homing his technique on the short in-door circuit; “the in-door track is really tight and technical. You have no real time to recover. It is really demanding on both the bike and myself”.

The upcoming summer will see Cam progress to the outdoor track where he will be looking to improve his overall speed and agility.

Cam at Wheeldon - News 3

Cam is currently looking to upgrade from his Kawasaki KX85 to something slightly bigger; “I am looking at the moment to move up to a Yamaha YZ125 or Kawasaki KX250, but I am not sure which yet but I look forward to trying both out!”

It is true to say that Cam has been bitten by the motocross bug. Perhaps someday we will be seeing the name Anthony on the Arenacross starting grid!