Motorcycles Tyres & Tyre Fitting In Exeter

Looking for Motorcycle Tyres in Exeter? Look no further than Bridge Motorcycles in Marsh Barton, Exeter, Devon.

We can supply and fit motorcycle tyres to any make and model of motorcycle and offer a while you wait service. We hold a wide range of popular tyres in stock including 120/70/17, 180/55/17 and 190/50/17.

We're so confident that our fitted tyre prices offer exceptional value for money - we'll do our best to price match any like-for-like tyre replacement in Exeter (supplied and fitted).

We sell all main brand tyres including (but not limited to):

  • Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres
  • Michelin Motorcycle Tyres
  • Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres
  • Sava Motorcycle Tyres
  • Dunlop Motorcycle Tyres
  • Avon Motorcycle Tyres
  • Continental Motorcycle Tyres

If you have other specific tyre manufacturer requirements for your motorcycle, give us a call and we'll do our best to help.

Why choose Bridge Motorcycles for your Motorcycle Tyres

We are the South West's largest multi-franchise motorcycle dealership based in Exeter, Devon. Established in 1953, we have over 60 years of experience in the motorcycle industry.

Correctly fitted Motorcycle Tyres are the most important element of your motorcycle. They are your only point of contact with the road and it is extremely important that they are fitted correctly. Unlike car tyres, motorcycle tyres should only be fitted by a specially trained motorcycle technician (to ensure wheel alignment/chain is true and correct) as well as correct brake operation. At Bridge Motorcycles Exeter, our manufacturer trained and approved motorcycle technicians have vast experience of fitting tyres - trust us to look after your motorcycle.

Motorcle Tyre Manufacturer's and Brands

We sell all tyres from most world renowned motorcycle tyre manufacturers from our large Exeter store. Can't see what you want? Give us a call on 01392 260 200.

  • Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres: Including Battlax, Accolade, Battle Wing, Exedra, Gritty, Hoop, Ml, Motocross And Trail Wing.
  • Michelin Motorcycle Tyres: Including Commander Ii, Pilot Road 3, Scorcher, Power One, Power Pure, Pilot Road 2, Scorcher 31, Pilot Active, Pilot Power, Pilot Road, Sirac, T63, Pilot Sport And M45.
  • Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres: Including Supermaxx, Classic, Promaxx, Detour, Traxer And Hi-max.
  • Sava Motorcycle Tyres
  • Dunlop Motorcycle Tyres: Including Sportmax, Gp Racer, Sportsmart, Roadsmart, Trailmax, Geomax And Scootsmart.
  • Avon Motorcycle Tyres: Including 3d Ultra Xtreme, 3d Ultra Supersport, 3d Ultra Sport, Storm 2 Ultra, Azaro-st, Distanzia, Gripster, Cobra, Venom, Venom-r, Roadrider And Viper Stryke.
  • Continental Motorcycle Tyres: Including Conti Race Attack, Sport Attack, Road Attack, Conti Motion, Conti Twist, Conti Classic, Conti Trail Attack, Conti Escape And Conti Milestone.

To order your new Motorcycle Tyres in Exeter, please call 01392 260 200.