Winter service offers at Bridge Motorcycles

Winter preparation offer

Riding in the colder months can be a real undiscovered gem! Taking advantage of some of the South West’s most incredible roads can be made all the sweeter when doing so out of the bedlam of the holiday season, because let’s face it; nobody likes dodging caravans!

It doesn’t take too much to prepare your bike for the cold months, whether riding it, or storing it. But simple things, such as forgetting to hook your battery up to a charger while it’s tucked away for the winter, or failing to protect your machine from the harsh road salt that’ll eat away at the exposed metals on your prized machine, can prove to be very costly in the long run.

We’ve put together a winter preparation package that’ll help protect your bike this winter; if it’s kept in storage or out in the elements.v

£199 Winter preparation offer – save £146.99!

  • Vehicle health check
  • Full valet
  • ACF 50 corrosion protection
  • Bike Seal
  • Optimate 4 battery charger
  • AA recovery and breakdown assistance

Bike valet and ACF 50 treatment and application – RRP £96.99

Your bike will start with a full clean from one of our expert valeting team before then being fully treated with ACF50 to help protect your machine from the harsh winter grime. ACF50 has been the industry-leading product to treat exposed metal surfaces from corrosion for years now and is still the choice of professionals in the battle against rust. It’ll benefit the machine if it’s ridden through winter, or even if it’s stored.

Optimate 4 charger and maintainer – RRP £74.99

Leaving the bike in the cold for any period of time can have a real detrimental effect on the battery, discharging and potentially ruining a battery to the point where it might be in need of replacement come the time you try to start your bike again in the spring. The best way to prevent this is with a charger and optimiser, which is why we’ve included an Optimate 4 charger in our winter package too. It’ll come with a handy lead to attach it straight to the bike that will be fitted by one of our technicians too.

Even with continued riding through the winter months, the battery can still be made to work a lot harder with ancillaries such as heated grips and heated kit putting a lot more strain on the motorcycle’s electronics which can be helped if you’re able to hook the bike up to a charger when it’s left in the garage overnight.

Bike Seal tyre protectant – RRP £89.99

On top of all this, we’ll also be offering Bike Seal to customers, which will take the worry out of finding unexpected punctures with additional debris often being found on the road at this time of year. Bike Seal is an incredibly effective way to protect your machine from punctures that your machine can occasionally pick up from nails or other debris. It works incredibly fast and in most instances will seal and repair a puncture without the rider even noticing that it had been picked up in the first place.

Free AA breakdown recovery and assistance – RRP from £85.00

Our factory-trained technicians will also give the bike a complimentary health check to help highlight any points that might need addressing in the near future and to ensure that your machine is in good stead before taking on the winter. However, in the instance that your bike does have a mechanical fault and breaks down, included in the package will also be AA breakdown and recovery, for that little extra piece of mind.

The package is available for £199, saving a total of £146.97 over the price of the items when bought separately and the bike will be fully prepared and made ready for you by our expert team here at Bridge.

Give us a call on 01392 260 200 and speak to our service team to find out more and book now.