Suzuki Motorfinity at Bridge Motorcycles

Suzuki and Bridge are pleased to announce their support for the UK armed forces personnel, veterans and emergency services through a partnership with the Motorfinity Group. Card holding members of the Motorfinity schemes will benefit from a credit towards genuine Suzuki accessories and merchandise when a new Suzuki motorcycle is purchased.

The credit, which is in addition to any dealer or other manufacturer offers that are available, is set at three levels, based on the engine size of the motorcycle being purchased

  • Up to 250cc £250 credit at retail price including VAT
  • 251 - 650cc £350 credit at retail price including VAT
  • 650cc and above £500 credit at retail price including VAT

 The credit must be used in full at time of purchase of a new Suzuki motorcycle. Full or part credits claimed at a later date will not be honoured.

Defence Discount Service
  • Serving and ex-serving UKs Armed Forces
  • Reserve Forces - Spouses/Partners of Serving Personnel
  • MOD Civil Servants - Bereaved family Members
  • War/Service Widow(er)s
  • Cadet Forces (over 16)
  • NATO Personnel in the UK

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Blue Light Services Card
Blue Light Card
  • Serving and Ex-Serving Police Officers and Staff and Narpo Members
  • Fire & Rescue Service personnel (serving and ex-serving)
  • NHS Staff and Ambulance Service Personnel
  • Prison Service Personnel
  • Other Emergency Services personnel

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Bridge Lifetime Warranty
Why buy your new Suzuki from Bridge?
Here at Bridge we want to offer something unique that will benefit out customers and give them worry free riding for years to come. This is why we introduced the Bridge Motorcycles Lifetime Warranty certificate that covers your NEW bike for mechanical issues. 

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