Service Plans at Bridge Motorcycles
Service Plans at Bridge Motorcycles

Total peace of mind for you and your motorcycle

Take the pain out of sudden and sometimes unexpected service bills by taking out a tailored service plan here at Bridge Motorcycles and make servicing your bike more affordable by spreading the cost.

It’s a simple, but effective way to stay on top of your servicing schedule and will help keep your pride and joy in excellent working condition.

Protect your investment

The Service Plan will be designed around your motorcycle and the riding you do, it’s flexible to your individual requirements, meaning that you can be rest assured that your bike will be looked after for your specific needs.

Included in the price will be all of the relevant materials, parts and lubricants needed to keep on top of the routine maintenance of your motorcycle, as well as the labour costs too, so you’ll never be met with any unexpected extra costs when you book your bike in with us.

Made for you

The Service Plan can be tailored specifically for the riding you do, the miles you cover, and for both major and minor services depending on the mileage and schedule of your machine.

Spread the cost

By paying an affordable amount each month, you can keep your bike in the best mechanical condition for many years to come.

Speak to one of our service advisors to find out more.

Service Plan benefits:

  • Spread the cost and make servicing more affordable

  • Tailored specifically for your motorcycle, the riding you do and the miles you cover.

  • Parts, materials and labour from our factory-trained technicians included

  • The easiest way to stay on top of your manufacturer’s service schedule

  • Never be met with unexpected service costs

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